It's The 100th Day Of School
100th Day Fruit Loop Necklace:

I provide each child with a baggie of fruit loops and 10 small counting cups.  Together we count out 10 groups of 10 fruit loops and fill our counting cups.  When finished we count our ten cups by tens to make 100.   I tape the end of a large piece of Christmas Curling ribbon (Much easier for children to string things on than yarn!) to each child's desk and let them begin stringing their 10 groups of 10 cereal pieces.  When all of the pieces are strung I remove the taped end from the child's desk and tie the necklace around the child's neck.  The children love wearing these all day long and the necklaces are very colorful!

Time Saving Tip!  I used a 100 grid to help with counting this year and it worked great!

Instead of using counting cups, make a copy of a 100 grid for each child.  As a class count each row of tens and have the children place a fruitloop on each number.  When finished have the children take a cereal piece off their grid one at a time as they string their necklace.  You'll hear the kids comparing their progress as they string their cereal....I'm in my 20's, 30's, 90's etc...) 
100th Day Tally Headband

Give each child a long piece of cash register tape.  Beginning at the end of the tape have the children tally to 100 while you model this on the board.  When you get to 100 back up and have the children count by fives to 100.  Staple the register tape headband style....there will be a long flowing tail left over which the children love to feel whip through the air when they walk down the hall.  I can live with this for one day since it is the 100th day!
100th Day Snack~

The kids love this surprise. When the students return from special class I have a 100 treat waiting on their desk.

1 is made with a twinkie or cookie stick
00 is made with two powdered sugar donuts.

Lined up together these treats make 100!

100th Day Trail Mix Snack

At the end of your celebration day enjoy 100th Day Trail Mix!

I send a note in a baggie  asking parents if they would donate 100 M&M's, pretzels, raisins, marshmallows, skittles, cereal pieces, etc. for our 100th day mix.  When the kids bring back the baggies full of treats, we predict which treats will weigh more, less and the same and compare them on the balance scale and chart the results on the board.  When finished we mix all of the items in a large bowl for our 100th Day party treat.
Preview 100th Day of School Books
at the February Library
Pictures sent to me from my friend Sherri Swope
I miss teaching with you Sherri!
100th Day Fun!