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Story sharing time in our SILLY SOCKS!  The kids wear silly socks one day and we call it Wacky Wednesday.  We relax and read lots of Seuss stories including The Foot Book, and Fox In Socks.
Seuss Celebration Week
We spend the first week in March celebrating Dr. Seuss. A note is sent home the week before informing parents of the upcoming activities.
The following are some of the activities we like to do:

Mixed up Monday~We wear mixed up clothing (shirts on backwards, inside out, etc.) 

Top hat Tuesday~We make the red and white striped hat and bow and focus on the books The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.  Directions and picture below.

Wacky Wednesday~We wear Silly Socks and have a relaxed reading time in our socks with Seuss books.  Picture below.

Theodore Thursday with Third Grade~We learn about the man Theodore Geisel and the third graders come to partner read Seuss stories with the kindergartners.

Funny Food Friday~We focus on the book "Green Eggs and Ham and make Green Eggs and Ham.  Picture and directions below.
Wacky Wednesday
Funny Food Friday
Top Hat Tuesday
We mixed up scrambled eggs and added a few drops of green food coloring to the mixture before putting it on the griddle.  I cut up pieces of ham and brushed the tops with a bit of green food coloring as well.  The kids loved it!  I used two dozen eggs for my class of 19.  Serve with "Sam I Am Juice"....which is really lime kool-aid.

On Friday I also pick three of our favorite Seuss books for a favorite book graph.  I photocopy the covers of the three books (Hop on Pop, The Cat In The Hat, and Green Eggs and Ham)  I reduce the size to make picture cards for each student.  They choose their favorite book, write their name on their card and add it to our graph.
I wish Icould show the entire photo but I don't like to put pictures of students on the web for safety reasons.  I give the students a piece of red construction paper turned the tall way...they cut a wavy pattern up each side.  We glue it to a red paper head band and then they use pre-cut white strips to fit across the top of the hat and then trim them to fit.  For bows, I give them a bow pattern to trace on red paper and we glue it to a thin red band that fits around their neck. They love their costumes.
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