Welcome to Kindergarten!
(Sung to the tune of "Deck The Halls")

Welcome to our kindergarten.               
We will learn a lot of things today.
Here we are in kindergarten.
We will have a lot of time to play.
We will learn the alphabet and
We will learn how to write numbers, too.
We'll have fun in kindergarten,
'Cause there are so many things to do!
Hall Chant~~When lining up we recite this chant to make sure we are all ready to enter the hallway.

I'm giving myself a great big hug,(fold arms across chest)
I'm standing straight and tall,
I'm looking right ahead of me,
I'm ready for the hall.
The Clean Up Song--This is a great chant to teach at the beginning of the year.  I use it when it is time to put away our learning centers or when it is time to stop working on an art project.
Clean up,
Clean up,
Everybody,  Everywhere.
Clean up,
Clean up,
Everybody do their share.

(Repeat over, and over until the clean up task is complete.)
Give Me Five

When it's time to begin an activity I sometimes hold up my hand and use
Give Me Five
to get the attention of my students.

Eyes are watching
Ears are listening
Mouth is quiet
Hands are to myself
Hearts are caring

Hold up 1 finger as you say each rule.  You'll soon find your students reciting these with you.
Back to School (Finger Play)
(Have a calendar and clockface with movable hands ready before beginning this play.)

The calenday says September.
(point to the word "September" on the calendar)
The clock says eight A.M.
(Show clockface with proper time)
The school bus calls to take us
Back to school again!
(Hold hands as though steering wheel on bus)
When we seee our friends we'll wave
(wave hand and smile)
When we're in class, we will behave
Fold hands in front in lap)
We'll look at books and write our names
(pretend to hold an open book, and pretend to write in it)
And play some of our favorite games.
(Pretend to throw a ball and jump rope.
The Line Up Poem

I will not shove,

I will not push,

I will not try to pass.

I will not stay behind the rest,

I'll line up with my class.
My School Promise

Each day I'll do my best

And I won't do any less.

My work will always please me,

And I won't accept a mess.

I'll color very carefully,

My writing will be neat.

And I will not be happy,

Till my papers are complete.

I'll always do my homework,

And try my best on every test.

I won't forget my promise,

To do my very best!
Good Morning Boogie

Good Morning Boogie

Hello Neighbor, what do you say?
(Children bow to each other)
It's going to be a happy day.
(Children clap hands together)
So greet your neighbor,
(Children give each other high fives)
And boogie on down.
(Children wiggle their hips)
Give 'em a bump,
(Children bump their hips together)
and turn around.
(Children turn around)

~~Number Printing~~

(I write these poems on large chart paper and use die-cut shapes to illustrate each number.)

Number 1
is like a stick
A straight line down
that's very quick!

For number 2
go right around
Then make a line
across the ground!

Go right around
What will it be?
Go round again
to make a 3!

Down and over
and down some more
That's the way
to make a 4!

Go down and around
Then you stop
Finish the 5
with a line on top!

Make a curve
Then a loop
There are no tricks
to making a 6!

Across the sky
and down from heaven
That's the way
to make a 7!

Make an "S"
And then don't wait
Go up again
to make an 8!

Make a loop
And then a line
That's the way
to make a 9!

Make a 1
and then an 0
10 are all your fingers
you know!

More Number Poems

More Number Poems!

Pull straight down a 1 is fun,
Thatís the way to make a 1.

Around, and down, and out go you,
That's the way to make a 2.

Around, and around, just like a bee,
That's the way to make a 3.

Down, across, and down once more,
That's the way to make a 4.

Short neck, tummy fat,
Number 5 wears a hat.

Down, around, in a circle you go,
That's a six, just as you know.

Straight across, slide down from heaven,
That's the way to make a 7.

First a snake, then come back straight,
That's the way to make an 8.

First a ball and then a line,
That's the way to make a 9.

Tall straight, circle then,
That's the way to make a 10

Calendar Song

~~Calendar Song~~

(Sing to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star")

When we do the calendar
We learn the month the date the year.
Every weekday has a name
There are lots of numbers that look the same.
So let's begin to show you how
We do the calendar right now.

~~Month Chant~~
(This chant was given to me by Kindergarten Teacher, Alicia Wallace)

January, February, March, April, May

June, July, August~~Hooray! Hooray!

September, October, November, December

These are the months that I CAN REMEMBER!
~~The Today Song~~

~~The Today Song~~

(Great for the Calendar Helper to Lead)

(To the tune of "Frere Jacques")

Today is _______.
Today is _______.
All day long, all day long.
Yesterday was ______.
Tomorrow will be _______.
Oh what fun!
Oh what fun!

I am Cindy Circle


~*~Shape Poems~*~


I am Cindy Circle
Watch me turn
Round and round
And you will learn
I'm not straight and
I don't bend
My outside edges
Never end!

Sammy Square is my name
My four sides are just the same
Turn me around, I don't care
I'm always the same, I'm a square!

I am Danny Diamond
I am like a kite
But I'm really just a square
Whose corners are pulled tight

Ricky rectangle is my name
My four sides are not the same
Two are short and two are long
Count my sides, come along

Tommy Triangle is the name for me
Count my sides - there's 1-2-3

I am Ollie Oval
A football shape is mine
Some people think that I"m an egg
But I think I look fine!
Opal Oval is my name.
The circle and I are not the same.
The circle is round, as round can be.
I am shaped like an egg as you can see

Harry Heart is my name
The shape I make is my fame

With a point on the bottom and two humps on top
When it comes to love I just can't stop!

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New!! Shoe Tying Song

Criss Cross Tying Shoes
(Tune: Splish Splash I was taking a Bath)

Criss Cross and go under the bridge
Then you got to pull it tight.
Make a loop but keep a long tail
That is how to do it right
Then you take the other string
and you wrap it 'round the loop
Pull it through the hole
Now you got the scoop
Criss Cross and go under the bridge (this is where you tie the loops together)
Now you made a Double Knot!

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