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The Snowy Day
By Ezra Jack Keats

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats is a timeless tale of a little boys adventures in the deep, deep snow.  Peter makes a snowman, makes angels in the snow and pretends to be a mountain climber.  While reading the book, let your students guess what  object Peter finds to make a special track in the snow.  Your students will be thrilled with the fun Peter has in the snow, but sad right along with him when his snowball melts in his warm house.  The pictures are magical in this Caldecott Medal
winning book.

Activity 1  Science/Math  Making Predictions

In the story, Peter tries to save a piece of winter by putting a snowball in his pocket.  He takes the snowball into his warm house only to discover a while later that the snowball is gone.
Have students tell or journal what they think happend to the snowball.

You can experiment with your class by having students make snowballs(some small some medium, some large)  at recess and placing them in ziploc bags.  After recess, have your students predict what will happen.  You may even want to place some near a heat source for more challenging predictions.  Have students predict how long it will take for the different sized snowballs to melt.  Record the student generated predictions on a graph in one color marker, and the actual results on the graph in another color marker. 

Activity 2  Movement/Gross Motor
                Listening Skills

In the story, Peter drags his feet through the snow,
and makes various tracks in the snow.  Have your class stand while you read the story and let them act out different parts of the story (Dragging his feet, dragging a stick on his path, climbing a mountain, etc.)  My class loves this so much that they beg me to "Read It Again and Again!"

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The Snowy Day.

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