Teddy Bear Week!

Dear Parents,

Next week is Teddy Bear Week!  Your child's Teddy Bear is invited to spend the week at school.  We will use our bears for several math activities such as sorting by color and size, graphing projects and pattening games.
All bears may report to school on Monday and will go home on Friday.  Any noisy or disruptive bears will be asked to go home early.  On Friday our class will have a Teddy Bear Picnic.  If you would like to send in a store bought treat for our picnic please send it with your child to school by Friday. 
(Suggestions:  small cookies-Teddy Grahams are great!)  carrot sticks, crackers, etc.)  Please send enough for 20 children to have a small sample.  I will provide a drink.

In addition to the activities above, our class needs your help for our Teddy Bear Hall Display!  Today your child is bringing home a plain brown construction paper bear.  As a family, please work together with your child to cut out the bear shape and decorate the bear.  You may use
any materials you can think of to decorate the bear.  In past years, I have seen the bears return to school wearing clothing, costumes, or decorated with cereal and candy pieces, and beads.  Magic markers or crayons may also be used.  Please write your child's name on the back of the bear.  Be creative and most of all~~Have Fun with your child decorating their bear!  Thanks for your help in our celebration of Teddy Bear Week in Kindergarten.


This bear was made by Steven.  He and his family used buttons, cottonballs, and denim fabric.  This was one of my favorite bears!

The Kindergarten~Bears sharing Story Time
with their Teddy Bear Friends.

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