Happy Birthday Day
During the last week of school I schedule a BIRTHDAY DAY to celebrate the children who have their birthdays in the summer.  Each summer birthday child wears a crown, we sing Happy Birthday to each one and we have cake and ice cream for the entire class!  In addition to these simple events we make Birthday Day a Learning Day by doing the following activites!! 
~~Month Chant~~
(This chant was shared with me by Kindergarten Teacher and former co-worker, Alicia Wallace)

January, February, March, April, May

June, July, August~~Hooray! Hooray!

September, October, November, December

These are the months that I CAN REMEMBER!
Birthday Graph~

Each child is given a birthday cake pattern to write his/her name on and then we place them on a 12 month graph to count, tally  and compare class birthdays by month.

I made simple bingo cards with pictures of a cake, a balloon, a party horn, confetti, the words Happy Birthday, etc.... (You can find great clip art on the internet!)
and we play a few games of Birthday Bingo before enjoying our cake and Ice Cream.  When a child fills the entire card the child calls out "Happy Birthday!"
Pocket Chart Fun

Happy Birthday to You...
Have each child's name on a card to use on a Pocket Chart with the song
Happy Birthday to You

How old are you?

________is five.

_______ will be six in June.

Birthday Months

John has a birthday in ___________.  (Use month cards)

Birthday Journaling~
Children love having a birthday!  On Birthday Day each child pretends it's their birthday and journals about a wonderful gift they would like to receive.  I have them illustrate as well, and their pictures are wonderful because the kids are so excited just thinking about having a birthday!  Copy each page and compile them into a Class Birthday Book!  Since it's the end of the year I have Birthday Drawing and the winner gets to take the book home!
And....Spend lots of time today sharing GREAT Birthday Books!
LOVE This Book!
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