Transportation / Emergency Information

Child’s Name
Parents Name _________________________________________
Family Address ________________________________________
Family Phone __________________________________________
To School
My child gets to school:
_____by bus------The bus number is ______
_____is a car rider
_____is a walker
From School
My child gets home from school:
_____by bus ----The bus number is _______
_____is a car rider picked up by ____________________
_____is a walker
_____goes to the school’s daycare
_____rides bus to *daycare--- Bus number _________
*The name and phone number of the daycare is _________________________
In case of an Early Release Day due to bad weather my child is to go home:
____The same way as listed above.
_____A different way (Please Specify)________________________
Work Phone Numbers
Dad ____________________
Phone numbers of closest relative or emergency contact:
2.  ____________________________________

Parent Signature ___________________________Date _________
Please notify me of any changes in the emergency information listed above. I want your child to get home safely and cannot allow your child to go a different way home other than what is listed above unless you notify me in person, by phone or by note.
Thank you!
               School Supplies Needed

Dear Parent,

_____________is in need of the following school supplies:







Thank you!   _________________________  Date ________
         _____________'s  Reading Log

Parents please read 3 or more books with your child each week.  Please record the names of the books below and return the form each Monday with your child’s homework.  Thank you.

I have read the following books with my child this week:

1. _____________________________________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________________________________

(Please list additional books on the back of this form)

Parent Signature __________________________ Date:  ________________
Child’s Name _________________________________

Parent/Guardian  _______________________________

Address ______________________________________

Phone Number _________________________________

Parent/Guardian Work Number ____________________

Child’s Birthday ________________________________

Please tell me 1-3 things your child is interested in:




Does your child enjoy reading (looking at) books at home? ________

Does your child enjoy being read to?__________

Does your child enjoy writing and drawing pictures at home?  _______

Is there anything you would like me to know about your child?

(Please use the back of this form if you need additional space.)

Thank you! I look forward to getting to know
you and your child this year!
Little Lunch Note
This little lunch note is to let you know:

_____ Today your child used the last punch on his/her lunch ticket.  Please send lunch money tomorrow. 
          Thank you!

____ Your child forgot to bring lunch money and charged for lunch on ______________. 
         Please send $____________ for this lunch charge.  Thank you!

____ Your child lost (all   /  part)  of his/her lunch money today.  He/She borrowed _________ from our 
         classroom emergency bank.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  School phone ___________________
Thank you!

Note:  To make any changes to the above forms just copy and paste the form you want to use to your own word processing program and make the changes to fit your needs!  :o)
Time Saver! This worked so well for me last spring~I had to share!

While planning my maternity leave last spring I created a folder for each week that I would be gone and ordered them by date in a square storage box.   I filled the folders with a dated blank lesson plan page, special notes to go home, birthday crowns for birthdays each week, field trip notes, star of the week notes, snack request notes and book order notes, etc.  This worked so well and kept me and my sub organized!  I have decided to begin the year with a pre-dated folder for each week of the upcoming school year.  I will fill them in September with the same things listed above and anything else that I can plan ahead for and place in the folders.
First Day Check List--This is a repeat of my first day checklist on my Welcome To School Page.
First Day Checklist

First Day Checklist

1. Have 2-3 copies of your class roster. One on your desk, one on the wall for emergency drills, and one in your take home bag for reference.

2.Have a name tag for each student to wear that includes
* His/her Complete Name
*Bus number (or walker, car rider)
*School name and phone number
*Your name
(I laminate my students tags hole punch them and string them as necklaces with a note ***(laminated) on the back of each one that tells parents to send the tag back to school every day for the first week until we have established our dismissal routine.) ***Tip--Use Avery Address labels and your printer to quickly print up 20+ copies of the return tag request. Then you can easily peel them off and stick them on the back of your name tags before laminating them! I use these same tags for field trips except I use the shipping labels) E-mail me (below) if you need more info.!

3. Have your first week planned, and ALL materials prepared~~but always over plan! I never get to half of what I had planned the first week of school due to first week changes and interruptions, but I feel better knowing I am ready and over prepared if necessary!

4. Have a copy of your lesson plans on your desk and one in your take home bag in case the other gets lost!

5. Have a signed form from each parent regarding HOW their child is to go home from school. I have parents fill out a special form that tells me how their child is to go to and from school, and how their child is to go home in case of an early release day due to bad weather. I keep the original copy of this with my sub folder in the office, and make an extra copy that stays in my desk until the last day of school.

6. Have 1 sharpened pencil ready for each student on their desk. This saves you the headache of everyone wanting to visit the pencil sharpener first thing on the first day!

7. Have stations prepared as to where you want the children to put their supplies. Decide what you want and don't want to have the kids have at their desks! Ex. "Girls, bring all tissues to the round table." Bring all paint shirts to the yellow basket. Bring all markers to the square table, etc. This keeps you organized while trying to gather student supplies. Have 2-3 volunteers to help you check items for student names, with permanent markers in hand to quickly write names if needed. If parents bring their children, which they almost all do on the first day of Kindergarten~have them double check their child's name on all supplies before leaving and have permanent markers on the tables available for the parents to use. To make a long story short~Have A Plan in mind for all of these new supplies! :o)

8. After all supplies are put away I show the kids where their backpacks and coats will go. Have all individual desks, cubbies, hooks and spaces labeled, ready and waiting for the children and their supplies.

9. Remember--That the first day, weeks and month of kindergarten are ALWAYS the hardest for the kids and us!
Remember~~ your class WILL establish a routine and things will begin to flow. It just takes time!

E-mail me if you have any questions.
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