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Alphabet Room!
Alphabet Fun
Objects to glue on the ABC's

A--Tiny apples from a punch, acorns, Apple Jacks cereal

B--Band-Aids, birdseed,  buttons, bow tie pasta, gummy Bears

C~Candy corn, cotton balls

D~paper dots from a punch, dots candy, dog food

E~Easter grass, egg shells, elbow macaroni

F~Feathers, felt, fingerprint stamps, Fruit Loops

G~Gold glitter, green grass

H~hearts from a punch, happy faces

I~insects (plastic or pictures) , draw ice cream cones

J~jelly beans,

K~Kidney beans, kite string,  brush with kool-aid

L~Leaves, lace, lima beans,

M~Money (use money stamps), macaroni, m&m's

N~noodles, nickel stamps,

O~orange objects, ovals, or orange ovals

P~Penny stamps, popcorn, pasta, pompoms

Q~Quarter stamps, Q-tips, qilts patterns,

R~Ribbon, small rocks, ric rac, red objects

S~Stickers, star stickers, stamps, seeds

T~Toothpicks, tape, teeth pictures

U~Upside down pictures, umbrellas from a punch,

V~Velour, velvet, velcro, Valentine hearts

W~Gummy worms, walnuts, white objects

X~draw x's, Pictures photcopied of the kids for eXtra special kids

Y~Yarn, yellow objects cut from magazines, or yellow yarn

Z~Zoo animals, zippers, draw zig zag lines or zebra stripes

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What are the letters in my name?
For name recognition practice I write each child's name on tag board and then cut it out in puzzle pieces.  I store the pieces in an envelope marked with each child's name.  At least once a day during the first week or two of school we get these our and practice the letter order in our names.  I then have the kids try to write their first name several times in their journal using their puzzle as a guide if needed.

Later on in the year we do the same thing but we add the letters in our last name to the puzzle pieces. 

Around December, I put the puzzle envelopes in a center and they may choose to make their own name or find the names of their friends (paste a picture or photocopy of a picture of each student on their envelopes.  This makes this center more exciting to the kids and they love looking at each other's pictures as they spell the names!)

If you are wondering about lost pieces, it does happen.  But--we have several demonstrations on how to use this center, how to take care of the pieces and how to have only one envelope open at a time.
Fun Snack!
After reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to your kids, give your kids a palm tree pattern to trace, cut and glue on paper.  Let them draw an island or sand around their tree.  Using Alphabits cereal, have the children name their letters to a partner as they glue them on their tree.  Then let them have the leftovers cereal pieces for a great snack!
Another Snack!! I saw this somewhere but now can't remember where!!  Give each child a piece of celery and a few leaves from the celery stalk.  Stuff the celery with peanut butter, add the leaves to the top to make the 'Palm Tree' and add alphabits cereal to the peanut butter to make the letters climbing up the tree.  I wish I had a picture.  What a cute snack!
Theme Books
A Pop Up Book!
Bulletin Board Idea
I've had lots of requests for the pattern for these cute monkeys!!   They belonged to a neighboring teacher several years ago and I don't have the pattern!  Sorry!  Carson-Dellosa has lots of cute animal art  in several of their clip art books.  You might be able to find a similar pattern!
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