Our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Room!
This is my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom area in my room.  Students come here during center time for fun alphabet activities.  I use the sand pails that you see on the back shelf for various activities including:

*dry erase boards with bright colored markers to practice writing the letters they see on the tree
*alphabet books are in one pail
*since this photo was taken I brought in a big red ice chest/cooler from home and put big books inside the cooler
*the small palm tree on the table is used to find the letters as they go through the Chicka Boom Boom book
*There is also a pail full of foam letters (bathtub letters found at Babies R Us) so the kids can put the letters in ABC order
*I am currently adding new activities that I'll post soon!
1.  To make this tree I cut a long carpet roll to 6 1/2 '

2.  The base is large  so it will not tip.  I used a large square block of wood for the base and then hammered a 2" x 6" wooden stake into the base.  I slipped the carpet roll over the base/stake.

3.  I bought 7' of burlap and hot glued  it (wrapped it around the trunk one time so there is one long seam) to the roll.

4.  A tore the fabric off of an umbrella and covered the metal umbrella skeleton with eight large palm leaves made from green roll paper.  I used hot glue to attach the leave to the metal.  I slipped the umbrella handle into the top of the carpet roll.

5.  I stuffed three brown lunch sacks with paper, rolled them into a ball shape and hot glued them to the metal frame.

6.  I hot glued the foam bathtub letters to the tree trunk.

Check Wal-Mart in August for colorful sand pails on sale!  I got 12 and paid 50 cents for each!

I found the jungle furniture at a drug store at the end of the summer on sale for $3.50 for each piece!

I initially thought velcro would stick to the burlap and the children would be able to manipulate the letters on the tree but that did not work!  I ended up gluing the foam letters (found in the tub toys section at Babies R Us for about $3.99) to the burlap on the tree.  I bought an extra set of letters and put them in a sand  pail so that the kids could match them to the letters on the tree.

I also thought about covering the tree trunk with felt and using felt letters!  Just another idea!
Make Your Own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree!