Dental Health
I lost a tooth but I don't care
Another one is growing there!
The Tooth Poem

The Tooth Poem
I've got a loose tooth,
a wiggly, squiggly loose tooth.
I've got a loost tooth,
a-hanging by a thread.

I lost my loose tooth,
my wiggly, squiggly loose tooth.
I put it beneath my pillow
and then I went to bed.
Someone took my loose tooth,
my wiggly, squiggly loose tooth.
Now, I've got a nickel
and a hole in my head!~~Unknown Source

The Tooth Poem

A tooth fell out and left a space,
so big my tongue can touch my face.
And every time I smile I show
a space where something used to grow.
I miss my tooth as you can guess.
But then, I love to brush one less! ~~Unknown Source~

Categorizing Foods
For a research and categorizing activity each child folds a large piece of construction paper in half. On one side we glue a picture of a happy tooth and call him "Charlie Chew"... One the other side we glue a clip art picture of a sad tooth and call him "Tommy Toothache"..... The kids do a magazine search for healthy foods for teeth (fruits, vegetables, etc.) and glue them on the happy side, and sugary sweets for the sad side.
Tune~Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Brush, Brush, Brush your teeth
Brush three times each day
Brushing up and down and all around
Keeps cavities away!
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