~~The Parts of a Plant~~
Handprint Flower
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This is one of my favorite spring activities!  The day that we plant flowers for Mother's Day our class makes this cute hand flower.  While I am working with 2-3 students planting individual flowers, the rest of the class is busy tracing and cutting out 2 brown handprints, 2 green handprints and 2 yellow or orange handprints.  When the entire class has had the opportunity to plant a flower we clean up, collect, and sort the handprints and then build this wonderful flower together by gluing the prints to the butcher paper beginning with the roots.  I label the plant part words on sentence strips and glue them to the big flower and then display it in the hall.  I can't take credit for this fabulous idea though, it was shared with me by my very good friend and former co-worker, Sherri Swope. 
When planting flowers for Mother's Day I write each child's name on a popsicle stick, add a bug sticker for fun and place the "stake" in the dirt in their cup.  They can easily find their plant/flower and watch it grow without having to pick their cup up and look on the bottom for their name.  No more  spilled dirt!!!  We decorate the cups or "flower pots" with stickers and write MOM on the side with a glitter pen or permanent marker.
(Don't forget to poke a hole in the bottom of each cup before you start for water drainage!  I use my exacto knife to poke holes in colored, plastic SOLO cups.)
Dirt Dessert 
3 1/2 cups milk    
2 small packages of instant pudding   
10 ounces dessert whipped topping    
gummy worms    
1 bag chocolate layer  cookies, crushed    
dried coconut (optional)
green food coloring (optional)
1.Bottom Layer: Mix together 3 1/2 cups of milk with 2 small packages of instant pudding. Fold in 10 ounces of dessert whipped topping.  Then carefully  add the gummy worms!  
2.Middle Layer: Finely crush a bag of chocolate layer cookies with a rolling pin or glass.  This may take a while!  This will be the dirt.

3.Top Layer (optional if your kids do not like coconut!): Color the dried coconut with green food coloring, and sprinkle on top (for grass).    
4.Layer the ingredients in a new (unused and washed) flower pot covered with foil. (A large bowl works great, too!) To serve, spoon into individual cups (make sure everyone gets some worms!). This recipe makes enough for about ten servings.