Gingerbread Day
Station Celebration
My Cookie Decoration Station
Prepare large gingerbread kid cookies using the Pillsbury ready made dough.  Students may decorate their cookie and then mark the graph showing the part of the cookie they took a bite of first (head, arm, or leg). (See Direction sheet and photos)
I invited parents to school for a "Gingerbread Day Celebration".  I set up six stations for the parents to rotate around with their child. Click on the station names below for  printable direction pages that you can place at each station.  I have also added photos of the activities.  The photos may take a minute or two to download.
Gingerbread Symmetry
Paper cut-out decorating activity in which the gingerbread man has to be decorated the same on both sides.
(See photo)
The Gingerbread Man Match
Students use Gingerbread Playdough to roll out and cut Gingerbread Cookie Shapes.  Students place cookies on  cookie sheets according to size.  (See direction sheet and photo)
The Gingerbread Baby Board Game
Students play Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby Board Game by rolling die and using their counting skills to move along the board.
(See direction sheet and photo)
The Gingerbread Baby Story Center
Print the masks from Jan Brett's Site and tape to sticks.  As the students go through the story they can re-tell parts of it using their puppets.
(See direction sheet and photo)
Gingerbread Cupcake Count
Students match correct cupcake liners marked 1-12 to a numbered muffin pan.  Students count correct number of Gingerbread Kids to place in each liner.  (I used a medium size gingerbread punch to make gingerbread counters.)  (See direction sheet and photo)
Click here to download the masks from Jan Brett's Story
The Gingerbread Baby
Click here to download the Gingerbread Baby Board Game
At the end of the day I gave students
Jan Brett's Smart Cookie Award
for their participation, cooperation and creativity in working through the Gingerbread Stations.
Order a copy of Jan Brett's
Gingerbread Baby
Gingerbread Playdough Recipe