A pumpkin round and very fat
(hands clasped, arms forming a circle)
A scary witch with a pointy hat,
(hands making hat above head)
The shiny eyes of a big black cat,
(point to eyes and look around)
That Makes Halloween!

A ghost that's hiding the the hall,
(make swooping "ghost" gestures with arms)
A skeleton wobbling on the wall,
(make body wobble back and forth)
The spooky sound of an owl's call,
(hand cupped behind ear, listening)
That Makes Halloween!

A walk in the dark in the shivery night,
Door bells ringing with all their might,
(imitate ringing door bell)
Candy, cookies, and apples to bite,
(rub stomach)
I Like Halloween!!
(clap hands)
(Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)

I am a pumpkin, big and round.
(Use arms to show size of pumpkin.)
Once upon a time I grew on the ground.
(Point to ground)
Now I have mouth, two eyes, a nose.
(Point to each facial feature)
What are they for, do you suppose?
(finger to forehead--thinking)
When I have a candle inside shining bright
(hold up one finger)
I'll be a jack-o-lantern on Halloween night.
(Thumbs under arms--bragging gesture)

Rhyming Word Shared Reading Activity

Copy the poem
Halloween is Coming on large chart paper or sentence strips for your pocket chart.  Highlight rhyming text.  Read the  poem to the class and then again with the class, letting the children supply the rhyming text.  I read this daily in the morning after our calendar time.  I let one table share each day what they are going to be (or would like to be) for Halloween.  We also make a class big book and each child draws a picture of what they are going to be or wish to be for Halloween.  The  class book text says on each page.

Halloween is coming what will____________ be?
I will be a __________, but underneath it's really me!
Halloween Is Coming

Halloween is coming,
What will you
I might be a pirate
On the deep blue

Halloween is coming,
What will you
I might go trick or treating,
How about

Halloween is coming,
Who will you
I might meet a princess
Skipping down the

Halloween is coming,
What will you
I might wear a blanket
And be a brown

Halloween is coming,
What will you
I might see a jack-o-lantern
Winking at

Halloween is coming,
What will you
It's a SECRET,
So wait and
~~~Visit the October Library~~~
For Great Halloween Books

Click On the Bear~Cat
The Little Orange House
The Little Orange House

The Little Orange House (One of many versions!)

A storytelling Activity

Needed: Scissors and a large piece of orange paper

Once upon a time a very small witch was walking in the woods. The cold wind was blowing the dry leaves all around her. The little witch was frantically searching for a house for the winter. She could not find one. Suddenly a piece of Orange paper, blown by the wind landed at her feet. She picked it up. The little witch looked closely at the paper and then she said, "I shall make myself a little house from this piece of orange paper." She folded the paper in half. Then she took her scissors (she always carried a pair in her pocket) and cut off the two corners to make a roof. (Cut the construction paper as the story indicates). "This will do just fine," she said as she looked at her new house. "But I will need a door." With her scissors she cut a door. Since witches always wear pointed hats, she cut a special door. (Cut a rectangle shape with one end pointed up more towards the bottom of the folded edge.) The little witch walked through the door into the little orange house. It was very dark inside. She quickly hurried back out. "I will need to make windows to let in the light," said the little witch. She cut a front and back window. (Cut a square shape in the top middle of the paper opposite end of the paper than the door. Cut through both sides of the paper.) Oh, it was a very fine looking house. Her very own little house with a roof, a door, and windows was all finished. But just as the little witch started to go inside for the winter, she saw a tiny ghost floating down the wind swept path. As the tiny ghost came to a stop near the little house, the little witch saw that she was crying. "Why are you crying?" asked the little witch. The tiny ghost stopped crying and answered, "It is cold and windy. It is getting dark. And I have no place to spend the winter." "You may spend the winter with me in my new house," said the kind little witch. "Oh, thank you, " the happy tiny ghost said as she peeked in through the window. "This is a very nice house." "First," said the witch, "I will need to make you a little door of your very own." She took her scissors again and began to cut. She cut a very tiny door. (Cut a triangle on the folded edge of the paper between the big door and the window. Make the longer part of the triangle point up) The two happy new friends went inside. The tiny ghost went in the very little door, and the little witch went through her own special door. All winter long they lived happily together inside the little orange house. If you want to see inside their little orange house, just open your piece of paper and Surprise! The kids really love to see that the house is really a jack o lantern

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