**START** the New Year Right! 
I give my children a lined STAR pattern that says "This year I want to learn how to ____________________."
I have them finish this sentence and copy the words to their star.  Under their sentence I have them draw an illustration of their idea.  I have them glue their stars to different  colored construction paper and cut around the star shape leaving  a construction paper edge.

I hang these in the hall with the caption "Stars of the New Year."  Or "Wish Upon A Star" or *START*
the New Year Right! 
(After I cut the letters for the caption I embellish each letter with little foil stick on stars.  It really brightens the bulletin board!)

Put this caption on the wall with baby photos of your students.  The children love guessing who's who.
Later you can add a recent class photo of each child next to his or her baby picture.

This looks great with an Old Father Time and New Baby Bulletin Board Picture.

Happy New Year To You~Sung to Happy Birthday To You

Happy New Year To You,
Happy New Year To You,
Happy 2004 Everybody,
Happy New Year To You,

This can be a pocket chart name recognition activity...substitute names of the children (Dear Johnny)  for "Everybody."
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