Ten Little Snowmen

1 Little, 2 Little,
3 Little Snowmen
4 Little, 5 Little
6 Little Snowmen
7 Little, 8 Little
9 Little Snowmen
10 Little Snowmen... BRRRRR They're Cold!

I copy this poem to chart paper and glue 10 snowman shapes to the chart.  It becomes part of our morning opening each day for the month of January.  The line leader for the day gets to use the pointer to read the song to the class and then we do it together a second time.  I also use it to quickly assess each child's ability to recognize numbers by asking the leader each day to point out random numbers.  If a child gets "stuck" we just back up and sing the song together until the child figures out the number.  This song can be continued with numbers 11-20.

11 Little, 12 Little
13 Little Snowmen
14 Little, 15 Little
16 Little Snowmen
17 Little, 18 Little
19 Little Snowmen
20 Little Snowmen....BRRRR! They're Freezing!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow,
Let It Snow
Paper Plate Shape Snowman
This project was sent to me from my friend Sherri Swope.
I miss teaching with you Sherri!!!
Circle~~White Paper Plate, Button Eyes
Rectangle and Square~~Hat
Diamond on hat

Other Materials:  gingham ribbon, raffia, crayons or markers

Snow Songs to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot
(Authors unknown)

I'm a little snowflake
You can see...
No other snowflake
Looks like me!
Please pick me up
After I fall,
And roll me with my friends
To make a snowball.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

I'm a little snowman
Short and Fat
Here is my nose and
Here is my hat.
When the sun shines
I cannot play
I just slowly melt away!
Snowman Soup

Snowman Soup

Non-Holiday Version

(I love being able to save this activity until January!

You can find the holiday version on my December Gift page)

~Author Unknown~

When it's so cold
you holler and whoop
It's time to bring out
Snowman Soup!

Pour the packet in a mug,
Add marshmallows too.
Don't forget the kisses -
They're especially for you!

Add hot water, nice and slow;
Use the cane to stir it.
Sip slowly and soon you'll
feel the warm winter spirit!

(The cane is optional in January)..a blue candy stick would be perfect!


~Cuddle Up~  with a good book from the January Library!
Snowflakes Finger Play

Merry little snowflakes falling through the air
(Fingers raised high and moving fast)

Resting on the steeple the tall trees everywhere; 
(Make steeple with two pointer fingers and then raise arm for branches)

Covering roofs and fences, capping every post; 
(Two hands forming roof then hands clasped.)

Covering the hillside where we like to coast
(Make scooping motion of coasting)

Merry little snowflakes do their very best
(Fingers raised high and moving fast.)

To make a soft, white blanket so buds and flowers may rest:
(Palms together at side of face.)

But when the bright spring sunshine says it's come to stay,
(Make circle with arms for sun.)

Then those little snowflakes quickly run away!
(Hide hands behind back.)

Snowflakes from Filters

For each flake do the following:

Flatten a coffee filter
Fold the filter in half
Fold the half into thirds
Using scissors, snip the the sides,top and bottom of the folded filter
Dip parts of the folded filter into blue food coloring.
Squeeze softly to remove excess water
Unfold and allow to dry
For shimmering flakes, brush with diluted glue and sprinkle on a bit of clear glitter.
Hang individually from the ceiling or mount them together on a bulletin board for a beautiful January display!  Let It Snow!********
This WONDERFUL winter project comes from Carie Sullivan who is a Kindergarten Teacher at my school.
Materials needed:
Black and blue construction paper
2 pre-cut black strips for each child
chalk or white crayons
markers or crayons
My class made similar snowman in a SHAPE REVIEW lesson.  I had them trace a rectangle and a square for the hat and a triangle for the nose.  The diamond shape fabric piece and bow were pre-cut.