Mother's Day Poems

Have children copy one of the poems below
on a construction paper teacup.
Attach (tape or staple) a tea bag to each paper teacup.
(This makes a very cute card!)

I love you so much Mom,
You take good care of me!
So please sit down,
Take a break,
And have a cup of tea!


I will try my best
In every way,
To be extra sweet
On Mother's Day.
But if you become
Upset with me,
Please relax and
Have a cup of tea!

Have children make 4-5 paper flowers and write one thing they will do for their mother on each flower.  Tie flowers together in a bouquet with yarn or ribbon.  Attach this card to their bouquet of flowers.

I'll show my love for you
In a very special way,
If you'll pick a flower,
I'll do what it has to say.
(Or whatever you say.)

Mother's Day Books

Here's a great Mother's Day Ideas sent to me by Theresa Lubbers~a retired teacher who spent 31 years in education and sixteen of those years were in first grade! 
Thanks Theresa!

I had the children trace each other's hands or I traced for those who were not able.  One year we did plaster imprints.  Usually we traced, then colored or painted them.  Another year we glued yarn over the tracing.  Then the students wrote the following:

        This is something to remind you
        When I have grown so tall,
        That once I was quite little
        And my hands were very small.

I have had parents tell me that they kept that project for many years.

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