I'm a scary scarecrow made of straw,
(stand tall, and stretch out arms)
Listening for the crows to caw.
(cup hands to ears)
I watch the field all day and all night,too.
(hand to brow, searching motion)
If a crow comes by, I just say "Boo!"
(hands on your hips and shout Boo)
~BIG Scarecrow Art project~
Grocery Bag Scarecrow

(Divide your class into 4 or 5 groups giving each group a stuffing task, or other task)

Supplies needed:
1 grocery sack
1 black marker (permanent)
1 red marker (permanent)
diaper pins or large safety pins
wooden stick
old clothing

*Wrinkle grocery sack to "age"-smooth out
*Draw eyes and mouth-facial features
*Tear and wad up newspaper-to stuff head of scarecrow
*Forn a neck by closing up the sack, while shaping head
*Tie off with rag strip of a string
*Tie off each sleeve and pantleg and continue to stuff
*Secure body with large diaper pins
*Good to use a wooden stick to hold up head by poking stick throughneck opening in head and down into the shirt neck opening (Or a mop or broom handle can be used to protrude through the back of the shirt if you plan to stick it in the ground)
*Dress up scarcrow with an old hat, jewelry, gloves, shoes, etc.
*Add hair made of cut pieces of newpaper, construction paper, yarn, etc.
*Arrange scarecrow around pumpkins, cornstalk, etc. in your classroom for the kids to enjoy

~Use your scarecrow to prompt journal topics about scarecrows and the fall season.
~Measure your scarecrow's length using non standard units of measurement~~ears of corn, etc.
~Name your scarecrow, get suggestions, vote and graph the results.

~LITTLE Scarecrow Art Project~
Scarecrow Lunch Bag Puppet

small size lunch bags
medium size lunch bags
various colors of construction paper

*Stuff a small lunch bag half full of paper.
*Twist and tape the bag shut. (This will be the head)
*Cut facial features from construction paper and glue on.
*Use the medium size lunch bag for the body.  (Opening side down)
*Cut an x in each side of the med.size bag near the top.
*Roll a piece of brown paper into a tube.
*Slide the tube through the x openings for arms.
  (From 1 side through to the other) and secure with tape.
*Make a small cut in the bottom part of the med. size bag and push and glue the head into this.
*Make straw from thin strips of yellow construction paper for the hair.  These strips should also be glued around the neck and out of the arm tube openings.
*Cut squares, circles and other shapes for the patches and glue to the body of the scarecrow.
~~This is a great time to teach or reinforce shape and color recognition when discussing the patches!~~

Scarcrow Parts Action Poem

The Floppy Scarecrow

The floppy, floppy Scarecrow
Guards his field all day.
He waves his floppy _____
To scare the crows away!

Have your children do the action poem and listen for you to say the different body parts.
Write the poem on sentence strips and place in your pocket chart.
Say the poem several times replacing the blank with hands, feet, head, arms, legs, etc.
Scarecrow Math~~Number Recognition through 10.

Duplicate 11 crow templates, color, number 0-10 and laminate.
*Explain the directions to the class. 
*You will be the scarecrow in the field.
*Distribute the numbered crows to random students.
*When everyone is ready you call out "caw, caw, caw"
*The students with the crows must "Fly" up and arrange themselves in order from 0-10.
*The student's who do not have crows will call out "Caw, caw, caw" if the crows have arranged themselves in the correct order.  If you see they are not in the correct order, you (the scarecrow calls out "caw, caw, caw" again until they are correct.
*Have the crows number off loudly before you collect the crows and they return to their seats.
*Play this 2-3 times so that everyone has a turn being a crow.

Other Options:
**Reverse order from 10-0
**The scarecrow calls out for a specific number such as "Caw, caw, caw-who comes after 5?")
6 would fly up as the class "caws" for his correct answer.
**Number facts for first and second grade classrooms

This is a great game to play when you have extra minutes at the end of the day too!
Scarecrow Books
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Wrap up your scarecrow theme with Scarecrow Cookies.
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