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Here you will find lots of great book selections for your primary classroom.  Many of the books in the library are books I use in my classroom and some have been selected because after previewing them, I thought they'd make great thematic unit resources. 

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Kindergarten Favorites
All About Me
Great books to begin the year
All by Author~P.K. Hallinan
I will begin using P.K. Hallinan's wonderful books in my classroom this fall.  P.K. Hallinan visited my school in May 2002.  He shared many stories with us and his reasons for writing his inspirational books for children.  He even took time let us watch him draw some of his wonderful and colorful book characters.  Hearing him present was one of the highlights of my career that I will not forget.  Our 500 students and faculty at William Bryant Elementary were each given a signed hardback copy of his book Heartprints.  He personally signed each child's book with their name.  All of his books send  happy, positive messages to children through text and beautiful illustrations.
P.K Hallinan All Year Long
Rules and Manners
Hand puppet! 
An Old Favorite!
My Favorite Author
Kevin Henkes
The kids love him too!
~Marvelous Music~
Dr. Jean Feldman~
Teaching Tunes Audiotape
and Mini-Books Set:
Basic Concepts
Dr. Jean Feldman~
Teaching Tunes Audiotape
and Mini-Books Set : Early Phonics
Hap Palmer...Volume 1
Fabulous to use at Circle Time!  This is my favorite CD.  It includes the song Sammy! 
Teacher Therapy CD
Wonderful songs that teachers can relate to and enjoy all year long!
Calming music for nap time or quiet time.
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