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Here you will find lots of great book selections for your professional use.
Most of the books I have used in my classroom. Some have been selected because after browsing through them, I thought they would be great teacher resources. 

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My Favorites!
Getting Ready to Read!!  My newest Phonemic Awareness FAVORITE resource book by Jo Fitzpatrick.  Her other phonemic awareness book is listed below and it is fabulous, too!!
Dr. Jean is the BEST!
(Scroll down for More Great books from Dr. Jean!)
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I have used Scholastic's Alphatales books in my classroom for two years to supplement our reading program.  The 26 stories are short, fun and a good way to reinforce many reading readiness skills.
AlphaTales Library
Set of 26
AlphaTales books
AlphaTales Guide
(Reproducible mini books) 
AlphaTales Letter Formation Practice Pages  
Building Blocks Approach to Reading
The Teacher's Guide to Building Blocks
Month by Month Reading and Writing for K
Reading Readiness
The BEST Phonemic Awareness Book I've seen!  Fantastic Games for Large and Small Group Instruction! (by Jo Fitzpatrick)
Fabulous Flip Charts with sing along CD's!! These are BIG and great for large group instruction!
I just got one last Spring and I love it!
Counting poems flip chart!
Nursery Rhyme
Flip Chart
A Great Addition for Circle Time!
Classroom Management
I have been fortunate enough to attend two of her workshops.  She is fantastic and if you ever get the opportunity to see her I would highly recommend it!  Check out her site at
You will find fun and practical ideas for your classroom on her site.
If I am not having fun in the classroom I know that the children are not having fun.  Dr. Jean's CD's
make learning fun
My favorite Dr. Jean CD's are
Kiss Your Brain and Dr. Jean and Friends
I Love Dr. Jean Feldman!
Add some FUN to your Daily Routines!!
Literacy Centers Learning Centers
Portfolios and Assessment
Poetry & Rhyme
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