Tips for Teachers!
This page has been created to share The Best Teacher Tips Ever!  I learn so much from other teachers!  If you have a wonderful tip you'd like to share, please e-mail me at and I'll post your tip!  Thanks for sharing!
My favorite tip from a teacher friend!

A staple remover (the jaws type) can be used to get knots out of shoes!    No more torn up  fingernails or feeling frustrated when it takes forever to get those knots out of shoes (or jacket strings)!!
Scotch Tape can remove some splinters!  Softly press a piece of scotch tape over the area!  Thanks Ann!
Hairspray can remove permanent marker!  Thanks Ann!

NEW!  Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work BETTER than hairspray!!!!!
I have found that Lotion can fix almost all minor ailments with small children.  When a student come to me with a little scratch (no blood), ache or pain.....I tell them I think they need some of my special lotion (I keep it on my desk in a cute or pretty bottle)  and just give them a tiny squirt  and have them rub it on their problem spot.  They go away happy and feel cared for.  Many times they are just homesick or tired and are wanting a little TLC.  This takes care of it!  Of course, all serious issues are always taken care of by our nurse!
When planting flowers for Mother's Day I write each child's name on a popsicle stick, add a bug sticker for fun and place the "stake" in the dirt in their cup.  They can easily find their plant/flower and watch it grow without having to pick their cup up and look on the bottom for their name.  No more  spilled dirt!!!  We decorate the cup or "flower pot" with stickers and write MOM on the side.
A favorite tip I learned at a conference this past summer, was to insert a ziploc sandwich bag into your paint cups and you do not have to clean the cups when the children are finished.  You can also zip up the remaining paint to save for another day.  This helps with cleaning up and saving paint.

Pre-K Teacher
The following are a few tips that I have started to use in my classroom.  I am a first year teacher and am trying to gather ideas of how to make things easier for myself.  Hope this helps someone.   Thank you! Beth

Another Paint Cup Tip:
We have used paper cups cut down to paint container size in order to speed up the process of cleanup.  I have found that the plastic bag overlaps the cup and tends to create more of a mess because somehow a hole appears :)

Learning Center Jobs
A quick and simple way to have the children get started on their learning center jobs was for me to get inexpensive red containers and then photocopy the learning center job cards and post it on the front of each container using velcro so it can be easily changed when needed.

Additional Big Books
Do you subscribe to the Weekly Reader?  I laminate the Teacher Big Books and when I have taught the lesson the big books go in the Library Area for the children to use.  During Center time (or any time) the children are able to use dry erase markers to circle letters, sight words or do the activity on the back.  When they are done, they erase it and pick another book.  Simple collection of a variety of big books.

Do you make daily comments in a planner?
I found that there were many times that I had to remind my parents about one thing or another.  It took a long time to write the short note by hand in each planner, so I started using mailing labels and my computer to do the work for me.  Now all I have to do is mass produce my reminder and then peel and stick it to the planner.  The other thing that I have started using is a stamp that says some of the phrases I use all the time.  I also made a stamp that included my "teacher signature" so that when my signature is required I can just stamp it, instead of writing it many times.  The expense was worth it after I have saved so much time!
Spring is almost here and we will be planting seeds.  A great no-spill, non crushable planter is a simple large laundry detergent lid... plus... they come in great colors!..  I have everyone saving them for me.  They also make great counting or sorting cups.  We painted them black in January and used them for a snowman's hat!!  
Peroxide will bubble out blood stains!

Lisa Zook
I have a quick tip for you.  When your children are playing outside in the sand, inside at a sand table or even at the beach and you need a quick way to remove it from their hands without water...just sprinkle on some baby powder.  The sand will disappear! 
    When I taught pre-school in Virginia, we never went out to play without the baby powder and I now carry some in my beach bag.

Rae Hickey
K Teacher
North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Hairspray removes ink from most clothes.
If anyone you know drinks Crystal Light powdered drink, ask them to save
cans. They are plastic, with plastic lids, hard to break, and just
the right size to keep crayons in.  Also each can comes with 3-4 little
plastic cups inside which are great for distributing a little bit of
paint, beans, or other craft material to each child... and can be
away after, if they get messy....

K-Teacher, Mobile, AL
the vaseline/q-tip tip was from Mimi Flippo in Alabama

I keep a tube of
vaseline and a box of Q-tips in my desk for those dry, cracked lips that especially seem to appear in winter months.