The Kissing Hand
Short, sweet, and too the point

The Kissing Hand~A perfect first day story. This is a story about a little raccoon ready to start school. He talks about his fears to his mother, fears that most children have before beginning school. His mother comes up with a wonderful solution to help her little raccoon remember that she loves him and is thinking about him, even when she isn't with him. A wonderful and heart-warming story to share with little ones.

~~First Day of School Activity~~

On the first day of school there are mixed emotions everywhere!  Some children are thrilled to be at school while others have much difficulty making the home to school transition.   I always read the kissing hand with my students that first day.   We talk about our fears and hopes about coming to school.  We also discuss how moms and dads might feel when their children are away from them.   After our story time we decide together to make a gift for the parents on the first day.

On a large piece of construction paper each child makes a red handprint with paint (handprint goes at the top).  As the handprints dry I have the children draw a family portrait on a smaller piece of paper.  If time allows, I always like to have the kids bring their portraits to the carpet and share at least one thing about their drawing.  When the handprints are dry, I staple each child's family portrait to the bottom of their handprint paper.  I give each child a small,
**pre-cut heart to glue in the middle of their handprint.

Near the end of the day we practice re-telling the story.  I tell the kids that their homework for the first day of school is to go home, give their family the gift  and tell them the story of The Kissing Hand. They tell their
parents not to be sad and  to remember that they are thinking of them each day while they are away at school.

**Tip~Use a small or medium heart punch to make the small hearts.  These can be found at Wal-mart, Hobby Lobby, and scrapbook stores. 
First Day of Kindergarten Snack

The first day of school is a special day and I always provide my class with a special treat.  I make up some sugar cookie dough, (
sometimes I cheat and just buy the Pillsbury ready made sugar cookie dough!) roll it out, and make~~~
Kissing Hand Cookies.
The kids love it!
Looking for a heart/hand cookie cutter?
Here are some resources below!
I have searched high and low to find the hand heart cookie cutter at an affordable price.  I have seen the plain Hand Shaped Cookie Cutters at Wal-Mart for about
95 cents. This is a seasonal item so it is not always easy to find. A candy heart could be placed in the center of the plain hand shape for the same idea or you could use a combination of a hand cookie cutter and a small heart cookie cutter and place the two dough pieces  together before baking.
Click on Off The Beaten Path to find this cute hand cutter and other wonderful cutters for only $1.00! This is a minature size cutter and is located on their index under "Popular."       S&H is a flat fee of $3.95
Click on Kitchen Collectables to find this cute
heart/hand cutter for $11.95. (This cutter is located on their index under "Romance.")   There are other great cookie cutters at this site too!
Gooseberry Patch offers this metal heart/hand cutter for $14.95.  You will find many other cutters to choose from and country gift ideas at their site.
They offer on-line service as well as a catalog service.
~~Kissing Hand Poem~~

A piece of me I give to you,
This special heart because
"I love you."
The heart is you, the hand is me,
It shows that we are
A Family.

This poem comes from teacher "Sandie in Seattle"

Activity:  Paint or stamp both hands of each child.  Make the shape of a heart by overlapping the fingers.  Above each child's heart print, glue a small copy of this poem. 
Need a copy of The Kissing Hand?
Click on the book to order.
Baby Raccoon Puppet from $14.99
Here is another handprint activity poem to use with The Kissing Hand... Used with permission by Lauren
It's my first day of school

It's my first day of school
And "The Kissing Hand" is what we read.
It's about a raccoon
Who did just as his parents said.

Like the raccoon's first day at school
I was scared and a little shy.
But because of what you said
I was brave and I got by.

All through the year
I'll make more things for you.
So as I change and as I learn
You can see my growth, too!

~*~Raccoon Pattern~*~
Could be used for a bulletin board
or as a color page.
~~~More Raccoon Fun!~~~
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