~~Polar Express Day Fun~~
Have your children wear or bring their pajamas for the day (optional).  Gather around on the carpet and read the story The Polar Express  to your class.   When finished with the story, have a jingle bell  necklace strung on a thin piece of Christmas ribbon and prepared  to give each child.  Ask the children to ring their bells together to see if they truly "believe" and can hear the Christmas bells.  Have the children return to their seats to enjoy a cup of Hot Chocolate and a train shaped sugar cookie.
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Circle Time Activity:  Have the children bring one special gift given to them.  Students can share their item with the group and tell who gave them the gift and why their gift is so special to them.

Ride the Wish Train

Art/Writing:  Give students a half sheet of lined paper.  Have students write or dictate to you one "wish" for Christmas.  Begin the sentence
I wish _____________________this Christmas.  Glue each paper to a half sheet of black construction paper.  Staple another half sheet of paper on top to make a rectangle shaped book.  Write each student's name on their black cover using a gold glitter pen.  Have children trace two circle wheels for their train car.  Hang these in the hall with a train engine at the beginning and a caboose filled with pictures of toys or a picture of Santa.  Use Christmas yarn to link the cars together.  The caption "Christmas Wishes" or "Ride the Kindergarten Wish Train" could be used above the train.
Toy~Train Counting Game

1.Make 12 large rectangle shaped train cars.  To make  each car fold a large piece of black construction paper in half.  Stape or glue up the sides leaving the top open.  Use magnets on the back (or tape) and tape the cars low on the chalkboard or wall so that students can easily reach them.

2.Number the cars 1-12. 

3.  Make 12 individual, number cards and place in a stocking.

3.  From magazines cut various pictures of toys.  Glue each set of pictures on different piece of paper. 
  (Example  1 board game,  2 dolls,  3 race cars, etc.)

4.  Laminate for durability.

5. Have students draw a number card from the stocking and match it to the correct car.  Line up the cars in order.  When all of the cars are in order, have children take turns drawing a toy card from the stocking, counting the set  and matching it to the correct car and put them in the corresponding train car pocket.

6.  Keep this display set up for the week for a center activity.

~More Fun~  Use the toy cards in the train cars to sing a new version of The 12 Days Of Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
One baby doll and a choo choo train just for me!

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Two race cars, one baby doll and a choo choo train just for me!  Etc.