Ten Little Valentines

1 Little, 2 Little,
3 Little Valentines
4 Little, 5 Little
6 Little Valentines
7 Little, 8 Little
9 Little Valentines
10 Little Valentines, Just for you!

I copy this poem to chart paper and glue 10 heart shapes to the chart.  It becomes part of our morning opening each day for the month of February.  The line leader for the day gets to use the pointer to read the song to the class and then we do it together a second time.  I also use it to quickly assess each child's ability to recognize numbers by asking the leader each day to point out random numbers.  If a child gets "stuck" we just back up and sing the song together until the child figures out the number.  This song can be continued with numbers 11-20.

11 Little, 12 Little
13 Little Valentines
14 Little, 15 Little
16 Little Valentines
17 Little, 18 Little
19 Little Valentines
20 Little Valentines....For me? Thank you!!

Continue the practice above by putting 10 pink heart shapes numbered 1-10 and 10 purple heart shapes numbered 11-20 at a learning center.  The first week have all students move through the center and order the hearts in sequential order.  The second week add a dish of conversation hearts to the center for students to use as counters and have them put the correct number of hearts on the corresponding number.  You can also number heart decorated or red cupcake liners 1-20 to use for the same game to keep the center a bit more organized.  Check each child as they are finished and let them earn a candy conversation heart reward.
Pink and Blue
I'm going to make one
And send it to you!
Valentine Count 
(For Flannelboard, Chalkboard or Chart Activity)

Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Valentines, valentines, count them with me.
There are
red ones, pink ones, yellow ones, too.
There are
purple ones, green ones, and some that are blue.
Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Valentines, valentines, count them with me! 1-2-3-4-5.....

Have several different colored heart shapes cut out.
Count all of the hearts together and number them as you count.
Have children sort the valentines by color.
If your valentines are different sizes, have them sort by small, medium and large.
Roses are Pink
Your Feet Really Stink!

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